The techniques we use are based on traditional
hand crafted methods and we offer a full service,
casting, bronzing and patination,
gilding and gold plating.


Griffin on base. (Plate from a manufacturers catalogue)

Cast parts in old yellow brass made to order.

Mercurial gilding, fire gilding and ormolu colour matching using modern methods. Burnishing by hand.

Cat on base. (Design for a patinated bronze candlestick)

Gold lacquering to many colours including old English gold, green gold, yellow gold. All colours can be matched.

Hand burnishing, chasing, repousse, are all services that we offer.

William Chambers. (Design for a Candlestick, circa 1791)

Old workshop recipe books are used to give us many bronze patination colours and surface finishes, to keep the value of your piece.

Old pliers. (Plate from a Tool catalogue, print room, V and A museum)

Many old fashioned hand tools are used, scrapers, burnishers, hand polishers as shown in this scene from a gilders workshop circa 1760.

Gilding Workshop. (Scene from a Gilders Workshop, Diderots Encyclopedia, circa 1770)

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