Our wealth of experience, visits to museums,
libraries, or our many reference books are all
used to assist the skilled craftsman restoring
your antique.

Great care is taken in giving the customer
the best restoration possible.

Lustre with nozzle. (Plate from a manufacturers catalogue)

Research such as that shown here, using prints found at the Victoria and Albert Museum show how even the smallest pair of lustres and their components are important to us. New master patterns had to be made for this repair once this print was found.

Nozzle. (Plate from a manufacturers catalogue)

To make the correct repair we use antique books and drawings as well as old recipe and formula books for gilding, bronzing and colouring. We take great pride with careful and sympathetic restoration.

Lock. (Plate from a manufacturers catalogue)

Many furniture restorers work in conjunction with us for the repair and colouring of brass and ormolu furniture fittings as well as lock making and key cutting.

Keys. (Plate from a manufacturers catalogue)

Mouldings, galleries, and grills can be made to order. Fine quality bronze and ormolu mounts coloured and matched.

Furniture Mounts. (Plate from a manufacturers catalogue)

Working in a secure alarmed period barn.

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